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Do you do in-person, phone, or video consultations?

My consultations are all done over email - this way you have everything in writing and you save it, re-read it, and revert back to it in the future when you need a little encouragement and motivation. However, if I happen to be in the same city as you and we can work it out, we can definitely do an in-person consultation - just follow my Instagram to keep up with where I am in the world! :) 

Is my information fully confidential?

Yes! All of the info you share with me will be JUST between you and I, so don't worry! If I would like to share you story (or parts of it) as a testimony, then I will be sure to get your permission first, but other than that, it'll be just between the two of us. :)

I have a regular period. Can I still have a consultation with you?

Yes, of course! Many girls and women I work with already have a period, but they need other ares of their life sorted out, especially their diets, weight issues, exercise routines, body image, stress levels, digestion issues, etc. I'm a certified Personal Trainer, a certified Weight Loss Specialist and also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, so I can help with all sorts of things. If you have any questions about this, send me a note and we'll chat more. 

I'm young and my parents don't really know what's going on with me... can i still work with you?

Yes, you definitely can! However, I would really let them in on what's going on with you - be honest with them, tell them what's up, and even sit down with them to go through my website, Instagram feed, and watch some of my YouTube videos with them so they can see what I'm all about. The thing is, they just want you to be healthy, happy, and safe and once they see that you're serious about fixing things and you have a good plan, they will be more encouraging and apt to you working with me. Don't hide anything from them, they love you and want the best for you! 

I loved your ebook. Can I share it with my friend?

Thank you! And I would love for you to let your friend know how good my book(s) are, BUT please don't share it with them - send them to my website and let them get a copy of their own. :) 

I've worked with so many different coaches, doctors, naturopaths, trainers, etc. What is different about you?

The difference with me is that I look at your situation from a "wholistic" perspective - I don't just focus on your diet, your exercise routine, your stomach issues or your anxiety levels - I look at all of it. Not only will we get your physical issues worked out, but I'll also show you how your mental health is connected to everything else that's going on. I'm a big believer in looking at the person as a whole, not in different compartmentalized parts - whatever is going on with you is not just  "one thing" - trust me, it's a lot of stuff and that's what we'll figure out and fix.