This Girl Audra

When it comes to my business,

I frequently get asked how “This Girl Audra” came about and, honestly, it just kind of happened! Years ago, in my early 20’s, I dealt with hormonal issues (namely missing my period) and got caught up in all the crazy diets and exercise routines that we’re all told we “have to do” to be healthy.

After taking lots of birth control pills, being misdiagnosed with PCOS, suffering from different gastrointestinal issues, and wondering, “what in the world is wrong with me??” I set out on a quest to fix myself once and for all.

After lots of research and talking to tons of holistic practitioners, doctors, and naturopaths, none of them could give me the answers I needed that would work. As I got more educated, experimented a little on myself, and got my own period back, I started noticing lots of other girls and women on social media dealing with similar things. I began speaking out about the diet and fitness industry and got floods of questions and how to fix things. 

These questions turned into writing three different ebooks and also personalized consultations, which is what I LOVE to do now.


My goal is to show you that true health...

is less about your “perfect diet,” weight, and exercise routine and more about your own thoughts, habits, and outlook on yourself and life. While getting your period back or fixing your hormones is a HUGE deal, my work goes far beyond that - that’s just the cherry on top. I want to help you literally get your life back - and that’s what we’ll definitely do.

The difference between me and other coaches you might find (even hormonal coaches) is that I take the time to look at your whole situation and give you a plan that works for your specific issues.

Why is this important to me? Because I realize everyone is different and we all have different pasts, current issues, and goals for the future, so no one plan is going to fit everyone. My favorite thing is doing personalized consultations with clients and weeks/months later getting emails back saying their whole lives have been changed and they’re a completely different person than they were before. There’s no better feeling than knowing my own personal history and education can help change someone else’s life. So, my joy is just sitting here on my little couch every day encouraging you and giving you the right, individualized, customized plan for YOU. Seeing your life change inspires me to keep on working and reaching more and more girls, saving them from years and years of frustration.


A Few of My Favorite Things:

  • My Pup, Lucy

  • The Beach

  • Larabars

  • Fresh, Juicy Mangos

  • Funny Memes

  • Netflix Days

  • Traveling

  • Organic Makeup Products

  • Meeting New People

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"Just wanted to let you know that since I sorted out my exercise addiction issues AND got my period back, my life just got so much less stressful, my body went back to normal, and I'm feelling like I'm alive again."