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My consultations are one-time, one-one-one consults. I have a few different packages to choose from listed below, so read through these and see which works best for you and what you’re looking for. With all of the packages, you will be getting a ton of info, so get ready! You’ll be able to ask me any follow questions right after if there’s any confusion about anything I’ve said and then you'll be set to do it on your own. 


I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire (like super DETAILED, but no worries, everything is *confidential* ;) for you to fill out and once I receive it I will go through it and respond back to your email about all the things I would change with what you’re already doing to help you reach your goals. You’ll get a LOT of info so be ready - I’ll tell you *my advice* what I would change, add, take away, etc. from what you’re doing to get to where you want to go. Turn around for this package is 1-7 days.


This is similar to the Basic package, but the difference is that you will get the same Basic Consultation as above, but also my ebooks. Get all 3 of my ebooks (Get Your Period Handbook, Keep Your Period Handbook, & 30 Days to Loving Yourself) at a discounted rate (instead of when brought separately) *If you already have a book or two, let me know and we can adjust the price accordingly.


This is the Basic Consultation with a 24 hour turn around. Instead of waiting up to 7 days to receive your coaching back, pay a little extra to get it back within 24 hrs! You’ll get bumped to the top of the list and I will begin working on your program as soon as I receive your questionnaire back - you’ll have it back within 24 hours. This is for those who are REALLY serious about getting started ASAP and are ready to dive right in without having to wait.


This includes the Basic Consultation, all 3 of my ebooks, as well as a 24 hour turn around. This is for the SUPER serious! Coaching, books, and get it back right away... no wait at all, plus you save money on the ebooks as well.


"When we had our consult, I was telling you how I never used to have weight problems prior to trying Raw Yegan and then Rawtil4. Even on those I wasn't over weight, but definitely carrying extra weight for my body. Well I just wanted to tell you that I have completely dropped the fear of foods (and other things( and am now back to eating whatever I want and listening to my body. my body has naturally gone back to it's happy place!"


Please note: *All sales are final. Also, all consultations are a one-time consult with the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions to clear up any confusions.

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