Instagram Q&A!

Hey there! So, I asked you guys on Instagram what questions you had and I’ve picked a few to go over in today’s post. I hope this is helpful, let’s dig in!

What is the truth about gluten? friend or foe?

Gluten is an interesting topic in today’s health world. There’s SOOO many differing opinions on this: only avoid it if you have issues, ALL gluten is bad, the gluten today is not the same as the gluten decades ago, it’s bad for your digestion/thyroid/etc., it doesn’t matter - just eat it, and so on. I can definitely understand the confusion!

After all my research, experience, and studies, here’s what I’ve come to believe: Everyone is going to be different with this. Obviously, if you’re clearly Celiac, just don’t do well with gluten, it legit hurts your stomach, etc. then don’t eat it. There’s plenty of gluten-free options out there for all types of foods you can still enjoy if you want.

But then I think there’s the people who are really obsessed and afraid of gluten just because of all the hype about it and they actually can digest it, their body is ok with it, yet they’re deathly afraid of it for whatever reason. If this is you, then maybe consider eating some and seeing how it goes for you, especially for your mental health.

I think the biggest thing here is to just focus on YOUR body and see what works for you. Just because you see someone on social media avoiding gluten doesn’t mean you HAVE to, too. But, then again, if you want to try it and see how you feel, then go for it. The most important thing is to listen to your body and do what’s best for you.

*I know that answer is kinda vague, but I really do believe there’s SO much info out there about gluten that it’s really hard to say. It’s obvious some people do fine with it, while others don’t, so do what makes you feel best :)


Yes, you can eat however you want and however feels best for you! There’s plenty of people who get extremely bloated and have bad digestive issues from tons of beans, high fiber veggies and tons of grains (myself included!), so sticking to lower fiber foods is going to help SO MUCH! Again, remember, we’re ALL different and what works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa, so play around with your diet and find your sweet spot.

Should I increase my fat intake or carbohydrate intake to gain body fat?

Either… or both! Neither fat nor carbohydrates alone cause weight gain - gaining weight is about consuming more calories than your body is burning. So, you can increase either fat, or carbs, or both to increase your overall calories to gain weight. Fat is more calorically dense than carbohydrates (fat has 9 calories per gram, whereas carbs have 4 calories per gram), so focusing on more fats can be easier to get your calories up for some people. But again, do what works best for you and what you enjoy the most.

to avoid overeating at night, i’m torn between eating consistent 3 meals and snacks or following my hunger cues… any advice?

I think this depends on where you’re coming from. If overeating (due to restriction) is a huge issue for you and you KNOW that you’re not eating enough during the day when you “listen to your body,” then I definitely think following a simple plan for a while can be very helpful (i.e. the 3 meals + snacks each day). This can be great for people who find themselves skipping a lot of meals and then binging out every night on tons of food. Whereas if they had’ve just eaten more regularly throughout the day to fuel their body, by the end of the night their body isn’t going to be STARVING. My advice would be to do something similar to the 3 meals + snacks a day until your body gets to a point of “energy balance” and you can go more with the flow and never feel the need to binge (simply because now your body is 100% balanced and trusts you’re going to feed it when you need to).

How do i stop binging in recovery?

First, you gotta realize that you’re not “binging,” your body is trying to make up for all the calories it didn’t get from the days, weeks, months or years of restriction. There’s a HUGE calorie deficit in your body and your body is trying to make up for that! A few resources to check out are some of my YouTube videos like this one or this one or the first little chit chat of this one. Also, getting my “Get Your Period Handbook” would be a great idea - it answers ALL these questions about why your body is doing what it’s doing, what to expect, and how to handle it all :)

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Audra Taylor