What's the HEALTHIEST Diet?

In my latest YouTube Video, I talked about how there’s literally HUNDREDS of different “diets” out there today, but there’s really one ONE healthiest diet…

Low-fat, high-fat, low-cab, high-carb, low-protein, high-protein, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Raw Vegan, The Blood Type Diet, and on and on and on.

But what is the BEST & HEALTHIEST one?

Over the years I’ve come to realize that there is ONE healthiest diet in the world… for each individual person.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s easy to say there’s one special diet out there that will work 100% the same for each person, but this just isn’t the truth. Some people do better and feel better eating differently than others… and guess what?

That’s ok.

The point of this post is that I want to encourage you to focus on YOU.

When it comes to what the healthiest diet is, there’s two very important things that you gotta focus on. If you can cover both of these bases, I believe you’ll find the healthiest diet FOR YOU.

The Physical Component

First off, you want to be sure that whatever diet, way of eating, or whatever you want to call it, that you’re following is PHYSICALLY working for you.

How does it make you FEEL physically? How is your energy? How are your hormones? How is your sleep? How is your digestion? How is your sex drive? How are all of your other physical markers?

The thing is, one person might feel physically better than another person on different diets. One person’s digestion might be better eating lower fat than the next, whereas someone’s sex drive might be better eating higher fat than the next. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

The key is to find what make you feel best physically. Sure, it’s fun to experiment and see what that is (which is going to be the only way to figure out it, honestly), but my main point in this is to not 100% think that if you follow exactly what you see someone else online doing you’re automatically going to get the same results… especially if you follow their diet and you FEEL awful physically.

That’s a sure sign that you need to stop what you’re doing, make some adjustments, and figure out what works best for you.

The Mental Component

The second part of this is going to be what works for you best MENTALLY. How do you feel about the foods you’re eating? Do you even like them? Are you excluding foods you really, really want and/or including foods you really, really hate? Are you constantly stressed over what you’re eating, worrying about it, it’s controlling your every thought, etc?

You’ve gotta be happy mentally when it comes to the way you’re eating. If you’re not, this “diet” that you’re on is not going to last.

And again, everyone is going to be different here. For someone, maybe they feel so great mentally eating tons of fruits and veggies and drinking their smoothie and juices, whereas for the next person, eating that way would drive them crazy.

Let’s say you have two girls, Susie and Debbie - You guys remember Susie, right? (She makes a lot of appearances in my YouTube videos :)

Debbie is the “health nut.” She’s up every day at 5:00 AM, drinking her veggie juices and smoothies, eating 100% organic, going for 3 mile runs, doing her yoga, and drinking a gallon of water a day. She feels great physically - she sleeps amazingly, her hormones are perfect, she has great digestion, she has tons of energy. Likewise, mentally, she feels amazing. She isn’t obsessed with her diet, she eats what she likes, she doesn’t eat what she doesn’t like, etc. - this is just what she does, it’s like second nature for her.

So, Susie comes across Debbie’s YouTube videos and thinks, “Hey, I wanna be like her! I’m going to follow what she’s doing 100%!” (even though Susie’s been doing pretty good doing with what she’s always done.) So, she starts juicing, making smoothies, doing yoga, running, drinking tons of water and following what Debbie does to a T.

However, she starts to see very quickly how horrible she feels physically. She has horrible digestion, she’s bloated all the time, she doesn’t even enjoy yoga, she HATES running, juices don’t fill her up physically, and she can barely get down a gallon of water a day without wanting to gag.

Not to mention, mentally, she’s miserable. She doesn’t even like the foods she’s eating, she misses the food she “can’t” have, she has become super obsessed with food and her new diet and she overall just hates it.

What’s the problem here?

Is it Debbie’s diet that’s to blame?

No, it’s not.

The thing is, Debbie’s diet clearly works awesome for Debbie… and it clearly DOESN’T work for Susie.


Because we’re all different

Putting them both together

This is going to be the part that takes a little tinkering to figure out. Like I said, you want BOTH the physical and mental components of a diet - they go hand-in-hand.

What I mean is, let’s say you found a way of eating that physically works for you, but mentally you feel like you’re going crazy. If thats the case, then switch a few things up, back off a little bit, add in some new things and relax to where you feel a little better from the mental side of things.

Same goes for if you feel great mentally with what you’re eating (let’s say you love eating tons of junk food), but you’re noticing that physically you’re suffering - you’ve got bad digestion, bad energy, etc. I would say the same thing to you: switch a few things, add in some new stuff, and change some things so that you start to feel better physically.

Getting both the physical and mental components in line is where you’re going to feel the best.


If you’re not thriving 100% physically and mentally with the way you’re eating, my encouragement to you is to be ok with changing some stuff up. Be open to trying new things, experiment a little bit, do some research on what you think you might need to do FOR YOU and then go for it.

Likewise, realize that your body and it’s needs are going to change over time. Just because one way of eating “worked” for you physically and mentally for a time, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ALWAYS going to be that way (it definitely could, but it also could change!), so be ok with being fluid with it all, changing things up, adding in new things or taking certain things away and just going with the flow.

It’s so, so important to focus on your body and your mind when it comes to diet. And realizing that we’re all different is the first step. So, take care of yourself and focus on you, that’s the key!

Audra Taylor