Have you tried everything to get your hormones back on track, but with little to no success? No period, irregular period, painful/heavy periods, PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, dieting issues, trouble with exercise, self-love issues, etc?

Do you need more specialized help regarding any of these things and getting back to the “real you?”

Maybe you’ve read some of my ebooks and even had a consultation, but still feel like you need more accountability and help?

Then doing 1-on-1 coaching is totally for you!

This is great for you if you are someone who:

1. Wants more specific instruction, attention, and communication.

2. Wants more of a personalized evaluation with specific, individualized recommendations tailored to JUST YOU.

3. Wants to keep whatever you’re dealing with confidential and only discussed with me.

what will we do?

  • In the 1-On-1 Coaching Plan, you’ll get to work with me in a more confidential and intimate way for 4 weeks - you’ll have the option to sign up for another month after the first is completed if you feel like you need more help and accountability.

  • you’ll get one of my ebooks that coincides with the issues you’re currently dealing with.

  • You’ll get a 1 hour private, one-on-one video call with me each week where we’ll talk about any questions you have, your struggles, your victories, etc. - the topic of the phone call will be totally up to you!

  • You’ll also fill out a “check-in” questionnaire at the end of each week to let me know what your successes were, your challenges were, how I can support you even more the next week and how you’re feeling overall.

  • Lastly, you’ll also have constant access to emailing me and direct messaging me on Instagram with any questions you have and I’ll respond back to you as soon as possible - you’ll be my first priority :)

*The 1-On-1 Coaching Plan is different from my consultations in various ways. My consultations are just ONE TIME consultations; there are no follow-ups, video calls, check-ins, constant access to me for questions/concerns, etc. My consultations are great for people who want to just get a plan and work through it by themselves, and lots of people are cool with that! But, if you want more of a “coach,” then definitely consider this plan :) 

if you’re interested in working 1-on-1 with me, email me at thisgirlaudra@gmail.com and we’ll see if we’d be a good fit for each other for the next few weeks!